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Pacific Park is more than just a holiday park beside the beach. While we exist to give families and groups the time of their lives in one of the most pristine parts of New Zealand, we’re also built on an inherent vision that stretches back more than 70 years to serve our community in a tangible and long-lasting way.

Back in 1944, two young men were alarmed at the moral decline that happened during summer in many popular holiday destinations around New Zealand, specifically their home town of Mount Maunganui. The pair were involved in Christian youth work, and they saw the flow-on effect this immoral behaviour had on children, teenagers and young adults every day. After seeing an advertisement in the local newspaper that literally promoted the Mount as a destination associated with excessive drinking, they decided that enough was enough. They had to do something to protect and positively impact the future of New Zealand’s youth; they had to offer an alternative to the norm. In response to the moral decline typified by summer holidays when teenagers were encouraged to ‘let loose’, they launched Mount Bible Class Camp which later would become Pacific Park Christian Holiday Camp.

The two young men began their journey with little more than an idea, yet the growth and success they saw proved their leap of faith was of the Lord. The venture grew from a simple youth group into a state-of-the-art camp complex that could cater for hundreds of people at any time of the year. The faith these young men exercised was passed onto other men and women who in turn partnered with their vision and contributed to the camp’s ongoing growth and success.

Good old-fashioned and wholesome fun has always been front and centre in the vision of this camp. The 114 teenagers, young people, young married couples and families who attended the very first camp in 1945 will never forget the thrill and excitement of seeing something positive done for the youth of New Zealand. Every day was jam-packed with fun and competitive games that focused on both the physical and the spiritual, and every evening was filled with great food, homely togetherness, fierce competition and nourishing spiritual input.

Fast-forward 70-odd years and Pacific Park Christian Holiday Camp is still the same invigorating yet family-friendly holiday destination built on good old-fashioned Christian values. These days we’re located a few minutes down the road from the original campsite in sunny Papamoa. We are proud to provide the perfect seaside environment that enables families and groups to have fun and create unforgettable memories … and the journey has only just begun.

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