Local Attractions

Papamoa Beach is just across the road, great for swimming, surfing, fishing or just a dig in the sand. Papamoa is one the fastest growing suburbs in Tauranga and only 15 minutes from Mt Maunganui.


Tauranga & Mt Maunganui

So much to see and do within 20 mins. Beautiful beaches, waterfalls and walks.


Blokart Heaven

Just around the corner is Blokart Heaven, Tauranga are thrilled to provide exciting and affordable outdoor action for school groups, sports teams and anyone wanting a great time. Have the wind blow through your hair as you whip around the only purpose built tarsealed blokart track in the world. Whether for fun or competition, the adrenalin rush when blokart sailing is such a buzz. Enjoy the heightened sensation of speed as you single handily whip around the track.
Fun, fast and easy to operate, Blokart instructors will make sure you are given the right sized sail to suit you body weight and the wind conditions on the day, safety will always come first. For more information click here


Game On Activities

Play Laser Tag, battle it out with our Army Style Combat providing excitement and tension that’s greater than any previous game your students have more than likely played before, as we introduce grenades, sentries and time bombs to test their planning, communication and auditory skills. It’s a safe, realistic, structured hi-tech combat team game for 8 to 20 players. It provides a physical and mental challenge to people of all ages—in complete safety. For more information click here 


Lasersport Claybird Shooting

This can be enjoyed by up to five players shooting at the same targets at the same time. Lasersport Claybird Shooting provides the enjoyment and thrill of shotgun shooting in perfect safety knowing that there is absolutely no harm to people, animals and or the environment.  Great competition game with scores recorded on an electronic scoreboard, also producing realistic shotgun BANG and SHATTER when clays are hit. For more information click here


Waimarino Adventure Park

Waimarino is situated on the banks of the Wairoa River just 10 minutes from Tauranga city.  This tranquil paradise is based around the sport of kayaking and over the past 30 years Waimarino has become Tauranga’s premier kayak/canoe location. Experienced paddlers shop here, olympic hopefuls train here, corporate groups are motivated here, education starts here and local and international tourists love it here.         For more information click here


Adrenaline Forest

Live on the edge and set yourself free. Realise your potential and get your blood pumping at Adrenalin Forest’s multi-level aerial obstacle course. Adrenalin Forest is a great confidence builder and adrenalin rush. How far are you prepared to go? What are your limits? When was the last time you felt truly challenged? Do you feel nervous… yet? For more information click here 


Springloaded Fun Park

For an action – packed ‘true kiwi experience’ in the stunning New Zealand outdoors? Visit award winning Spring loaded Fun Park, midway between Tauranga and Rotorua, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. (only 15 km from Pacific Park) For more information click here


Briars Forest and Riverside Horse Trek

Imagine sitting astride your horse in sun dappled forest glades while deer graze among the trees. Meet Toby the gentle Highland bull, Mrs Oink and her piglets and other interesting farm animals. Reconnect with your loved ones on a fantasy family ride. 2 and 3 day trekking options available, Many hectares of exciting experienced rider trails also available. For more information click here